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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MigrateMan?

MigrateMan is the fastest and easiest way for you to migrate your photos & videos to your online account. With MigrateMan, you simply connect your online accounts, request a migration and sit back as we migrate your photos and videos via the MigrateMan app which ensures flawless, fast and effortless migration.

Why should I use MigrateMan?

Migration from one account to another is a cumbersome process with several problems with duplication, timeouts, API issues and a lot more. Besides it can take a long time and may be limited by the bandwidth you may have. MigrateMan addresses all these problems as we have robust features built-in to ensure a flawless migration and its all done on our servers so you don’t loose time or bandwidth.

Does MigrateMan cause duplicates?

No. On the contrary, MigrateMan prevents duplicate photos from being migrated and keeps your account clean.

How do I connect my accounts?

Authenticating your online account in the MigrateMan application is a 10-second process - simply go to Accounts tab and click add account option and follow the process to authenticate your account.

Is MigrateMan Free?

MigrageMan is a paid service as it delivered a fully managed migration that is effortless for you - MigrateMan handles all the complexity and delivered a complete and accurate migration as a small fee of $0.99 per GB migrated.

Can I request more than one migration back to back?

Yes, you can request multiple migrations and they will be processed in parallel so you can achieve multiple migrations in a short period of time.

Will the folder structure be maintained during migration?

Yes, we maintain the exact folder structure during the migration process and create a replicate of it in the destination account.

How do I get started with a migration?

Download and register your MigrateMan account to get started. Then connect your online accounts so MigrateMan has access to them. Once this is done, you can define a migration by clicking the Start Migration button and choosing the source and destination. Simply follow the process and you’ll be done within minutes. We show you the amount of data to be migrated and the fees - you can pay with any credit card to kick start your migration.

How do I know the status of migration?

The migration status is updated within the app and you may also request any questions/status by emailing our team at

What about my privacy? Do you keep my photos on your servers?

We are fully committed to privacy. MigrateMan doesn’t store any of your photos or videos on our servers at all post migration.

I am a bit worried sharing my account information with MigrateMan.

MigrateMan uses OAuth to authenticate your account. OAuth is the standard and prescribed way to authenticate any third party software without sharing your actual username and password. In addition to OAuth, our software is 'Code Signed' which means it can't be tampered with. Lastly, we use HTTPS for server interactions to keep all data and information secure.

Can I have backup of photos/videos to my computer?

Yes, you can create a full backup of your photo and video collection from any of your online accounts and store it on your local computer. We provide a downloadable link of a zip file with your full collection which you can download.

How can I contact the customer support team?

We make every effort to respond as quickly as possible, and most queries are answered within 24 hours. You can reach us for any questions via email at